The Social Concerns Committee was formed in 1977 as a subcommittee of the Phoenixville Council of Churches.  The name Phoenixville Area Social Concerns Committee was adopted in 2012.

Our Mission: “The Phoenixville Area Social Concerns Committee promotes social justice and community harmony throughout the Greater Phoenixville community in the spirit of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., through direct action and relevant events.”

Our Membership:

Member Affiliation Email
Ruby Armour Bethel Baptist Church
Dr. Louis J. Beccaria Phoenixville Community Healh Foundation ljbeccaria@juno.com
Joyce Chester Chester County Opportunities Industrialization Center jchester@cc-oic.org
Don Coppedge, Founder Grimes African Methodist Episcopal Church
Lauren Coy Phoenixville Public Library lcoy@ccls.org
Mark King Exley, Chair At Large MKExley@aol.com
Dr. Alan D. Fegley Phoenixville Area School District fegleya@pasd.k12.pa.us
Tim Barr Good Samaritan Shelter tim@goodsamshelter.org
Nina Guzman Alianzas de Phoenixville ninaguzman300@gmail.com
Gwynne Hagee, Corresp. Sec’y Diversity In Action gwynnehagee@verizon.net
Fern Heit, Financial Sec’y Valley Forge United Methodist Church FernH729@aol.com
Lara Lorenzi Phoenixville Public Library llorenzi@ccls.org
Rev. Jack Mason Valley Forge Christian College jmasonag@aol.com
Rev. Koshy Mathews St. Peters Episcopal Church koshy.mathews@gmail.com
Abigail C. Milbourne First Latin Church of Crist t.a.milbourne@hotmail.com
Barbara O’Connor, RN Phoenixville Hospital Barbara_O’Connor@chs.net
Kris Keller Orion Communities kriskeller99@gmail.com
Deidre Wood Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA dwood@philaymca.org


Community members may contact any Social Concerns Committee member to bring forward issues, observations or questions.  Or, send us an email at info@phxsocialconcerns.org.


The Social Concerns Committee meets regularly each month (except July & August) at the Phoenixville Community Health Foundation on the first Thursday beginning at 12:15pm.  Regular meeting dates are subject to change.