Emma Valenteen Award of “Compassion”

The Emma Valenteen Award of “Compassion” has been given annually since 2010.  The award is named in remembrance of life-long Phoenixville resident and activist Emma Valenteen who was well known in the community for charitable work done through her Compassionate Friends network.  Mrs. Valenteen died in 2010.

Consideration for the award should include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following areas which reflect the compassionate life and work of Emma Valenteen herself:

  • The positive impact of the nominee’s compassionate actions on the Phoenixville community;
  • The history of involvement in the greater Phoenixville community by the nominee;
  • Has demonstrated inner strength by overcoming personal misfortune;
  • Has turned his/her misfortune into an empathetic, positive force to impact the community, its residents, and or its quality of living;
  • Is viewed as a positive role model by many members in the community.
  • Current members of the Phoenixville Area Social Concerns Committee are not eligible for this award.

Qualifications for the award should be based upon, but not limited to, the following considerations. That the nominee is any person, entity or organization that:

  • Has lived or worked in the greater Phoenixville area community for at least five years;
  • Has demonstrated, through action and deeds, a desire to elevate the level of cooperative living among community residents;
  • Has engaged in volunteer services or actions that have affected positive change in the Greater Phoenixville Community;
  • Has worked to impact the community without regard to personal reward, remuneration, or notoriety;
  • Has exhibited good character traits in his/her life;
  • Has shown a consistency in action, deed, approach or vision for the betterment of the community, and;
  • Through his/her actions has created a program/service that has a positive impact on the community, its residents and/or its quality of life in the Greater Phoenixville community.


Nominations for the Emma Valenteen Award of “Compassion” 

Past Emma Valenteen Award of “Compassion” recipients

2010    Emma Valenteen*

2011     Janet Pickett*

2012     Connie Bretz

2013     DeNeal Saunders

2014     Irene Lisinski

2015     Emmett Gruici

2016     Thomas E. Mitchell* & Kathleen Mitchell

2017    Kathy Wilson

2018  The Compassionate Friends of Phoenixville

2019 George Mansur*

2020 Citzen Advocacy of Chester County

2022 Phoenixville Community

2023 Theresa Thornton

2024 Latasha Jones

                                                         * Deceased