Ruby Armour “Love Thy Neighbor” Award

The Ruby Armour “Love Thy Neighbor” Award was inaugurated in 2018.  The award is named in remembrance of Phoenixville resident and Bethel Baptist Church leader Ruby Jean Phinnesse Armour who was well known in the community for her loving spirit and caregiving nature.  Mrs. Armour died in 2017.

Consideration for the award should include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following areas which reflect the faith-based life and work of Ruby Armour herself:

  • The positive impact of the nominee’s actions on the Phoenixville community;
  • The history of involvement in the greater Phoenixville community by the nominee;
  • The nominee has demonstrated a positive attitude in the course of their community work on behalf of social justice;
  • Faith-based principals guide and inform the life and work of the nominee, and;
  • Is a positive role model in the community.
  • Current members of the Phoenixville Area Social Concerns Committee are not eligible for this award.
  • Nominations are sought from faith-based organizations located in the Greater Phoenixville community.

Qualifications for the award should be based upon, but not limited to, the following considerations. The nominee is any person, entity or organization that:

  • Has lived or worked in the greater Phoenixville area community for at least five years;
  • Has exerted caring community leadership;
  • Has faced life challenges with a positive attitude and good cheer;
  • Has shown a consistency in action, deed, approach or vision for the betterment of the community;
  • Through action has influenced community residents, organizations, businesses, or Borough services, thus having direct impact on the community, its residents, and/or quality of life in the Greater Phoenixville community, and;
  • Demonstrates the potential for ongoing community impact.

Nominations for the Ruby Armour “Love Thy Neighbor” Award.

Past Ruby Armour “Love Thy Neighbor” Award recipient

2018  Theresa Thornton

2019  Karen Bearden

2020  Diversity In Action – Phoenixville

2022  Black Rock Fire Department

2023  Rev. Doug Hagler

2024  Charles Henry*